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How do lawn sprinkler installation companies most commonly charge for their services?

By zone
By linear foot
By sprinkler head
Not sure
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Question: How do lawn sprinkler installation companies most commonly charge for their services?
Top Answer (60% of 58 votes): By zone.

Answer: By zone
Explanation: For Residential per Zone. For Commercial charge per Head.
Mayer Landscape
Answer: By linear foot
Explanation: Pricing for installing your sprinkler system will depend based upon how many zones and sprinkler heads, sprinkler head types, linear feet of irrigation line needed, city or well water hook up, and other installation factors.
Answer: By zone
Explanation: Most irrigation contractors charge $500 - $900 per zone to install. The price per zone depends mainly on total number of zones to install. For example , we charge $550 per zone for systems with 4 or more zones to install. To install a (2 )- zone system , we charge $750 per zone. Installation costs fluctuate because whether or not you install a one or four zone system, all systems need to connect to the main water line , have a pressure reducer & backflow on the system and an irrigation control panel installed. This cost ( 4 zone system) is spread out through all 4 zones therefore included in the $550 / zone rate , but this cost ( 1 zone systems ) has to be added to the per zone installation cost. ( Resulting in a higher per zone installation rate)
Carroll Landscape & Irrigation
Answer: By zone
Explanation: We always charge per zone to maintain any type of sprinkler system.
Land Tech Landscapes
Answer: By sprinkler head
Explanation: Pro Cuts charges by the amount of heads or coverage needed. Proper layout of a sprinkler system is key for efficiency.
Pro Cuts Lawn and Irrigation Service
Answer: By zone
Explanation: This question has no correct answer. Its all of the above, and , or if a maintenance visit most likely free if all is satisfactory on both ends.
RB Home Solutions
Answer: By zone
Explanation: Most lawn sprinkler companies in the Charlotte area charge by the zone. example: $500 PER ZONE 4 zone system $2,000 plus plumbing backflow installation $750
Answer: By zone
Explanation: also by spray zones or rotor zones
oasis well drilling & irrigation
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: Irrigation installation cost is based upon a number of factors. This is depending on if you need drip lines, the type of heads and number, zones, and many different options that come with irrigation systems. This can be discussed with you irrigation specialist.
Premier Lawn Care
Answer: By zone
Explanation: Most companies know the expense in installing an average size zone and can give an accurate per zone figure. This is done normally on standard sized properties in an area with a larger population and know water source
Sunrise Irrigation
Answer: By linear foot
Explanation: It all depends on the size and how much material we will need to utilize and time spent
Acme Sprinklers of Broward Inc
Answer: By zone
Explanation: We charge by zone because we can figure out the time and materials it takes to install one full zone.
Lawn Saver Irrigation
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: I charge primarily by zone but many companies charge by head. I am not sure if there is really a right way or a wrong way to charge.
Intelligent Irrigation
Answer: By sprinkler head
Explanation: We calculate an estimate by a combination of amount of sprinkler heads and the type of water source and volume of water.
Nuss Property Management
Answer: By zone
Explanation: Pricing is determined by zone number. The more zones,more pipe,valves,larger control panel, etc.
Mendoza's Lawn Care
Answer: By zone
Explanation: the reason is that one part of the sprinkler system could only be 5 bucks for when you get into where you're putting in the valves in the timer going to cost a lot more there's also the uncommon having to run pipe understand men and other issues that could arise
Webster's Lawn care
Answer: By zone
Explanation: Most sprinkler systems are charged on a average of zones and sprinkler heads
Service My Lawn Sprinkler
Answer: By linear foot
Explanation: There are some variations to cost per linear foot, such as type of sprinkler needed for the landscape and vegetation intended to be grown in the area.
1st Choice Home Services
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: My company sells building fire sprinkler systems, not lawn sprinkler systems.
Answer: By zone
Explanation: Before we give a irrigation bid we test the water pressure to see how many heads we can use on a zone and then from there we will know how many zones are needed. Typically 450-650 a zone. This includes labor and materials
Stricklins Landscaping
Answer: By zone
Explanation: Installations are basically charged by the zone, but factors such as total # of zones, type of sprinkler heads and size of zones can radically affect the price.
Accurate Waterfalls & Irrigation
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