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What is the most durable material for lawn sprinkler water pipes?

Plastic (PVC)
There is no significant difference.
Not sure
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Question: What is the most durable material for lawn sprinkler water pipes?
Top Answer (89% of 59 votes): Plastic (PVC).

Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: Poly 80 psi to 100 psi
Seal the Deal LLC DBA All Seasons Landscaping
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: PVC Pipe and Fittings. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe is generally used for irrigation applications.
Turning Point Landscape Services
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: PVC plastic pipe is recommended. Over time plastic pipe in the ground does not break down and can always easily be repaired. Metal pipe becomes rusty and the rust builds up on the inside of the pipe and can drastically reduce pipe inside diameter thus causing a problem with water volume over time.
Berkshire Gardens Turf Services Inc
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: PVC is more durable from a longgevity perspective. Metal rusts and decays. That said, PVC also can break easier. A professional can help with a hybrid system such as copper for specific application, PVC and poly for other parts.
Sprinkler Guy KC
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: While hard PVC is the traditional material used, flexible poly PVC is the preferred irrigation line today. It allows expansion, contraction and bending without cracks or breakage.
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Mr. Green Acres
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: Schedule 40 but expect significant pressure loss
My Sprinkler Medic
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: PVC pipe and Polly metric pipe, is really the only way to go about it.
Land Tech Landscapes
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: PVC and poly pipe are the most durable and reliable pipes.
Pro Cuts Lawn and Irrigation Service
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: PVC and Poly Pipe are both very durable. We use poly pipe for all residential installations in both cold and warm climates.
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: does no corrode
oasis well drilling & irrigation
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: PVC allows for flexibility during hot and cold climates.
Premier Lawn Care
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: PVC is by far the best as it does not rot like cast iron
Acme Sprinklers of Broward Inc
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: It doesn't corrode and if the proper glue is used, it will never leak.
Lawn Saver Irrigation
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: we use poly pipe
vetorinos landscaping and irrigation,llc
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: PVC and poly pipe are the two different kinds of pipe we use underground. They are both durable but can be broken. Anything above ground is copper which is almost unbreakable.
Direct Home Service
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: BBC has a little give so if they're bumped character not really roughly from moving around typically the pipes won't break. on the other hand has a tendency to have no give and will bend break or stay in that position that is bent into unproperly watering that area
Webster's Lawn care
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: My company sells building fire sprinkler systems, not lawn sprinkler systems.
Answer: Plastic (PVC)
Explanation: Metal is not standard and leaves the possibility of electralisis which decays pipes of metal. Pvc is proven to last longer although breaks easier under physical stress
Accurate Waterfalls & Irrigation
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