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Will my lawnmower damage the sprinkler heads in my lawn?

It depends on the type of sprinkler
Not sure
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Question: Will my lawnmower damage the sprinkler heads in my lawn?
Top Answer (56% of 66 votes): No.

Answer: No
Explanation: Sprinkler heads should be installed level with the base of the turf to avoid lawn mower damage. Equally as important is installing all sprinkler heads far enough away from adjacent concrete walks, driveways, and curbs to prevent damage from edgers. Older sprinkler systems can develop shifting heads due to tree roots and freeze - thaw cycles in colder climates. If the system is properly maintained and serviced these issues can be easily resolved before any damage from lawn maintenance occurs.
Mist-O-Matic, Inc
Answer: No
Explanation: Properly installed at the correct height and maintained so that they retract after system shutoff, sprinkler heads should be safe from mowers.
Phoenix Landscape & Irrigation, Inc.
Answer: No
Explanation: as long as it installed at the right height
Turning Point Landscape Services
Answer: No
Explanation: If the irrigation system has been installed properly, the sprinkler heads will rest below the grass line which allows the lawn mower blades to pass over the heads.
DIAMONDBACK Service Management
Answer: No
Explanation: Heads and other system components (such as valve boxes) should NOT be damaged by typical lawnmowers or other if they are installed correctly.
Sprinkler Guy KC
Answer: It depends on the type of sprinkler
Explanation: Pop up sprinkler heads have gotten much more popular, and they're fairly hard to take out with a lawnmower.
All Star Clean Up
Answer: No
Explanation: Generally mowers do not damage sprinkler heads. However, if the head does not retract or the mower is a heavy riding mower damage can occur.
Answer: No
Mr. Green Acres
Answer: No
Explanation: All sprinkler heads should not be damaged if correctly installed ( top of sprinkler head level with the dirt )and with flexible "funny" pipe to prevent damage to pvc pipe when any weight is applied to sprinkler head .
Carroll Landscape & Irrigation
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes they well if the lawnmower is not set to the proper height.
Land Tech Landscapes
Answer: No
Explanation: A properly installed system should not be seen while it is off providing no exposed parts.
Pro Cuts Lawn and Irrigation Service
Answer: It depends on the type of sprinkler
Explanation: Use adjustable, resizable sprinkler risers.
RB Home Solutions
Answer: No
Explanation: Sprinkler heads are designed so they are not damaged by lawn mowers, even larger commercial riders will not damage them.
Answer: No
Explanation: if system is installed correctly
oasis well drilling & irrigation
Answer: It depends on the type of sprinkler
Explanation: Yes, This is possible but not common. Depending on if your heads are placed to high, this may be an issue. Your irrigation specialist should confirm that your heads are placed at the proper height to avoid damage while still effectively watering your lawn.
Premier Lawn Care
Answer: No
Explanation: If they are installed properly it won't hurt them.
Property Enhancements, LLC
Answer: It depends on the type of sprinkler
Explanation: It all depends on the type of heads you have installed and making sure they are not raised or providing doughnuts around them to know where they are
Acme Sprinklers of Broward Inc
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes, if the heads are installed improperly at the wrong height and if they are stuck up after running and are not pushed back down.
Lawn Saver Irrigation
Answer: No
Explanation: if installed right it will not
vetorinos landscaping and irrigation,llc
Answer: No
Explanation: A well designed irrigation system should be at or below the lawns surface...if heads are not installed properly, a lawnmower could damage them. Take care when aerating or thatching a lawn that has installed irrigation.
Intelligent Irrigation
Answer: No
Explanation: The sprinklers are designed to be at level grade and pop up only when they are on.
Direct Home Service
Answer: It depends on the type of sprinkler
Explanation: the sprinklers are installed properly know no lawnmower should ever come in contact with a pop open but there are juices were both sprinklers or for some reason put in areas of the don't belong in I don't understand house some companies get away with it because I've personally had to replace sprinklers just out of the issue of avoiding obstacle
Webster's Lawn care
Answer: No
Explanation: They are usually below ground ( the lawn heads)
American Dream Landscape, LLC
Answer: No
Explanation: No As long as the head are set just below grade of sod
Bayside Landscape
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: My company sells building fire sprinkler systems, not lawn sprinkler systems.
Answer: It depends on the type of sprinkler
Explanation: It all depends on the head placement and height of the sprinkler head.
Superior Irrigation and Lawn
Answer: No
Explanation: If the system is installed correctly your mower will not cause harm to your system
Stricklins Landscaping
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